What To Expect

When it comes to Southern California pools and spas, Bella Vista is leader because it employs proven practices that ensure every pool is the very best it can be from design to the day you step into it. When choosing from the many swimming pool contractors in Southern California, consider carefully. In addition to examining the work they have done in the past you may want to review their process.

Here is ours:

Design Meeting

Many pool builders have cookie cutter designs they attempt to fit to their clients. While we definitely make use of best practices accomplished in the past, we work to discover together with you what unique aspects you want to achieve with your pool design. Bella Vista can design pools and backyards as elaborate or as simple as needed. In our initial meeting with you, we complete a yard survey and discuss interests and criteria. Areas common in this initial discussion include:

  • What do you want to do in your backyard? E.g., will it mostly be a place to entertain, a place to simply have fun, etc.
  • Where do you consider your best views are in your yard?
  • What do you want to see when you look out of your kitchen/living room window?
  • Are there specific colors you want to use?

Design Review Meeting

Our design team knows Southern California pools and spas. They understand what elements work together and how materials are best utilized. After careful work and consideration, we set up a second meeting with you to present you our design recommendations. From here we work together to finalize the plans.

Phase 1

Once the project design is set, you truly begin to see how Bella Vista sets itself apart from other swimming pool contractors in Southern California. A Construction Manager is selected for a client and he becomes your main point-of-contact for any and all questions. Our team gets to work quickly engineering the final design, working with the proper authorities to permit the project and excavating the yard. The goal in Phase 1 is to plumb the pool and deliver everything we need onsite. Essentially in this phase everything up to gunite is completed which includes the building of the steel cage of the pool, the underground lines and more.

Phase 2

Unlike other pool builders in Southern California, clients will see their Construction Manager often. Ultimately, he serves as your guide and partner throughout the entire construction process. In Phase 2 all masonry is completed. This includes fireplace, tile and/or decking and more.

Phase 3

The final phase is more than plastering the pool. It’s also about making your yard beautiful. Many swimming pool contractors in Southern California stop before you get here. When it comes to Southern California pools and spas, we know that there are other essentials to consider in addition to the pool. In Phase 3 all of the landscaping including the low voltage and irrigation installation is completed.

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