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Living in Southern California means enjoying the outdoors. It’s a fact that today, the backyard is an extension of your home – it can even be an extension of yourself. We understand that more and more people are looking to their own homes and backyards for escape from a hectic world, to have their own beautiful retreat. We also know that some people want to step outside and have fun. Whatever you aspire to create outside, a Southern California pool can add the touch of fun or splendor you’re looking for.

Whether you envision a classic Southern California pool or a more elaborate California custom pool, we at Bella Vista Pools can deliver the utmost quality and service. As a preferred California pool builder, with Bella Vista, you are in good hands. From initial pool design including decking, BBQs and more through the final touches like landscaping, Bella Vista can be your partner in creating your perfect backyard.

We look at pools and your backyard differently. Believing that your California pool can be more than just a place to splash and play, Bella Vista is a Southern California swimming pool builder that can bring you more in a number of ways:


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